How To Convince Your Gen X Boss You Need Vegan Chocolate As A Gift: A Millennial's View

If you're sitting at your desk wondering why you're still at work when you could be at home cuddling your cat while watching your favourite movie on repeat, perhaps a gentle nudge towards your workaholic boss might influence an early Summer break?

Chocolate as a gift may be a no-brainer, but what about chocolate that leaves you feeling healthier? Chocolate that can boost work productivity *hint hint boss* instead of causing a slump in motivation. Well, we've got the low down on all the benefits of our bean-to-bar chocolate versus traditional chocolate.

Bean-To-Bar Chocolate And What It Is

But what is bean-to-bar chocolate, you may wonder whilst stuck at your desk and not eating delicious chocolate? It’s actually really simple; bean-to-bar is chocolate that has been made from using the cacao bean as a starting point. This is done without adding in any other preprocessed ingredients along the way.

Whilst that may seem a bit weird, as hey, isn’t all chocolate technically made from the cacao bean, there’s a number of different ways that a chocolatier may approach actually making a bar of chocolate. Such as buying pre-made blocks of chocolate and melting them down, or buying cacao beans in bulk and starting with a raw product. Bean-to-bar is the latter and is the best form of making chocolate in our view.

Traditional chocolate goes through several processing stages that add in preprocessed ingredients. This produces a highly processed chocolate that results in a less beneficial, less than desirable texture. However, full of sugar is more popular. If you think back to the nostalgia of traditional chocolate advent calendars and how they transport you back to your childhood.

The health effects of highly processed sugar laden chocolate are well documented and we wouldn’t need to go into the details at the moment. However, alongside a bean-to-bar process of producing chocolate we ensure no nasty additives. Based off the health benefits of each hero ingredient, the chocolate accentuates the health benefits by being beneficial itself.

The origin of the chocolate beans can have an effect on how they taste. The geographical location influences the cocoa bean which we think just adds to the whole palate-changing experience that a bean-to-bar chocolate bar can have on you.

In conclusion, bean-to-bar chocolate is chocolate how it’s meant to be. Traceable origins of the cocoa bean, steps in the process that are simple to follow and added ingredients that enhance the taste and health benefits of the bar. No complications create the best stories.

But Surely All This Chocolate Isn’t Healthy?

Everything in moderation. That’s what Nan always said. When you understand the significance of chocolate and how good quality chocolate can benefit your health rather than diminish then you understand the meaning of life. Ok, maybe not, pretty close though?

Traditional factory made chocolate bars unfortunately contain ingredients such as emulsifiers or vegetable fats that have a negative effect on your health. Alongside the unreasonable amount of refined sugar a traditional chocolate bar is made to sell at quantity, creating a sense of urgency to eat in abundance rather than bliss enjoyment.

Without getting too scientific there is research that shows that excessive sugar can decrease your satiety signals which means you simply cannot feel full off sugar laden treats. Conversely chocolate, good quality chocolate, can leave you feeling satisfied and contribute positively to how you feel physically.

By eliminating and reducing the extra ingredients in chocolate we have developed bean-to-bar chocolate that is desirable. Our Eat It Like Geniuses chocolate bar, for example, literally has four ingredients: cacao beans, cane sugar, pure cacao butter, and coffee beans. So if you have one of these at lunchtime, we reckon that it’ll not leave you in an afternoon slump, but instead invigorate you.

Cacao contains theobromine, which mimics the effects of caffeine but without any of those pesky after-effects of caffeine, or needing more and more caffeine to achieve the same effect when you’re tired. There are other benefits too from such healthy chocolate, such as an increase in memory retention and lowered blood pressure.

So the next time you realise you’ve got a massive list of things to do at work, have a chocolate bar, preferably one of ours. It’ll help boost your memory and help you cope with stress a bit better, more than a normal chocolate bar would.

Chocolate Gifts Are Great

And if that wasn’t enough to convince your boss to get a chocolate gift hamper to hand out around the office to improve productivity, your boss might be tempted by the fact that they also make for some great corporate gifting.

Gift chocolates always go down well with workers and anyone who deals with your business at this time of year, as almost everyone loves chocolate. Vegan chocolate could be a safer option for a gift as that works for those who are dairy intolerant as well as the plant-based enthusiast who still loves chocolate.

Plus you can tailor your chocolate gifts to your employees *hint hint boss, hint hint* so that everyone gets decent chocolate hampers (either vegan or non-vegan, though we’ll lean more towards getting a hamper filled with Eat It Like Astronauts to get those vegan marshmallows) to take home and scoff whilst enjoying a good film in nice cosy warmth.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I hear the workaholic boss is trying to get extra reports filed, so I better devour a few bars of Geniuses to get the old noggin going.

Where to get Vegan Chocolate Gifts

If you’re looking for some ideas for chocolate gifting, why not check out the full range at Eat It Like here? With vegan options available as well as some exciting new flavours (yes, our Healers bar contains mushrooms!) there’s bound to be something there that you’ll want to nibble on. Or give as a gift, we’ve heard that that’s something other people do, but personally the chocolate is an opportunity to share the love of premium quality chocolate.