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Due to the intensity of liftoff, astronauts have periodically used marshmallows to relieve nasal pressure.

With marshmallows pushed up their nostrils, the fluffy snacks expand in cabin decompression, preventing the astronaut’s nose sustaining damage while still allowing them to breathe.

Caution: these bars are for your mouth, not your nose. But honestly, you do you.

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Experience the truly cosmic combination of dark chocolate and marshmallows in a single chocolate bar with Eat It Like’s Astronauts chapter. As bean-to-bar chocolate, the Astronauts chapter contains sustainably sourced cocoa and the finest ingredients skillfully infused to produce a stellar treat.

This egg and dairy-free chocolate bar is 100% vegan. It has 65% cacao content, providing an excellent middle ground between sweet and bitter chocolate.

For astronauts, exploring new frontiers isn't quite complete without marshmallows. In a weird way, astronauts actually use marshmallows to protect their nasal membranes during take-off. Marshmallows aren’t the only comfort food that's made it beyond our home planet. Chocolate is also a well deserved treat for astronauts.

Chocolate in space dates back to 1961, during Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s space mission. His space food included chocolate sauce in a tube. Meanwhile, in the Apollo missions, chocolate also served as comfort food.

Astronauts are known for following strict routines, including exercise and sleep schedules, and it’s even a must that they eat a well-balanced diet—all to ensure a successful mission in space..

Eat It Like’s Astronauts chapter brings dark chocolate and vegan marshmallows together in one bar. As a chocolatier, Eat It Like offers distinctive chocolate options, ensuring you can find the right craft chocolate to satisfy your tastes.

Our Astronauts chapter is made from 4 ingredients only. It combines cacao beans, cane sugar and pure cacao butter with sweet puffy vegan marshmallows to create a delicious craft chocolate bar.

Enjoy dark chocolate and marshmallows in a whole new way with our Astronauts chapter. Discover the decadent taste of cacao beans perfectly blended to create an irresistible dark vegan chocolate bar.


Why is my dark chocolate turning white?

If you observe a white film on your chocolate, don't worry; it's not spoiled or mouldy. These blooms can either be sugar blooms or fat blooms. The process is called chocolate bloom.

Moisture causes sugar to bloom. As a result, the sugar crystals dissolve on the chocolate's surface, giving it a powdery, white appearance.

Meanwhile, the fat bloom is caused by poor storage conditions, sudden temperature changes or improper tempering. With fat bloom, the chocolate appears powdery and white-grey and becomes soft.

How do you store dark chocolate?

You don't need to refrigerate dairy-free dark chocolate if it is constantly kept between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius. Simply wrap the chocolate in plastic cling film, and place it in an airtight bag or a container out of direct sunlight.

Meanwhile, dairy-filled dark chocolate bars must be kept in the fridge to prevent spoilage. If you decide to store dark chocolate in the freezer, remember to seal it in an airtight container.

How does dark chocolate reduce stress?

Because of the higher cocoa content in dark chocolate, it contains more antioxidants. These antioxidants help lower cortisol levels, reducing stress. So for those times when you feel stressed out at work, school or anywhere else, keeping a dark chocolate bar handy might be a good idea.

35 g

4 Ingredients only: Cacao beans, cane sugar, pure cacao butter, Vegan marshmallows (10%).

Our marshmallows are: Gelatine Free, Gluten Free, Egg & Dairy Free, Soy Free, Nut & Tree Nut Free, GMO Free, Halal & Kosher.
 May contain traces of milk, wheat, tree nuts or peanuts. Cacao solids min. 65%. Keep it dry and cool.

Nutrition facts per bar: KJ: 808 / kCal: 193 / Carbohydrates: 18.6g / Sugars: 12.6g / Fat: 11.7g / Saturated fat: 6g / Protein: 2.6g / Salt: 0.1g