• We are Sophie, Kaya and Marion — the three brains & hearts behind Eat it Like. We are three sisters, and like many siblings, we couldn’t be more different from one another. Both in our skillsets, our personalities and perhaps even more importantly — in our taste for chocolate!

    About two years ago, the three of us were at home debating about culture & taste (as one does..) when we started to wonder what it would be like to experience taste through someone else’s palate. We asked ourselves, what if we could draw inspiration from culture - merging our passions for chocolate and travel - to create unique chocolate experiences? We set ourselves the goal of crafting a yummy chocolate with healthy ingredients, ethically traded beans & a sustainable mindset.

    Culture is discovered through the stories that ripple through time. Our ambition: translate these stories into taste. Although we started by looking at past culture with an eye towards history, our ambition is to eventually work with the brands, artists and creators that are shaping today and tomorrow’s culture. We want to create unique flavours in collaboration with them — enabling people to experience something that was tailored to the current culture’s tastebuds. Imagine being able to taste a brand or even being able to experience eating chocolate like your favourite artist would!

    We hope you enjoy the first few chapters of our story.

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