Combining the Nectar from Bees and the Fruit of the Theobroma Cacao Tree: How This Improves Your Health

Combining the Nectar from Bees and the Fruit of the Theobroma Cacao Tree: How This Improves Your Health

History has solidified the health benefits of honey to the human body and knew the health benefits of chocolate before its commercialisation. However, how can combining these two superstar foods benefit your health? In this article, we'll delve into the mystic combination of honey and chocolate and how to incorporate the two effectively.

Do You Want to Live Forever?

Read any of the Greek myths and you won’t have to look far to see ‘ambrosia’ mentioned. Sometimes referred to as a drink but most often described as a food, ambrosia was a sweet and mystical concoction that was believed to confer immortality on the Greek gods. 

While there’s no direct description of exactly what ambrosia was, historians believe the closest thing we have to this delectable delight is honey. So, why was ambrosia, or honey, so highly regarded by the Ancient Greeks and can it really grant you immortality?

Well, we hate to be the ones to break it to you, but honey probably won’t help you to live forever (but we’re happy to be proven wrong). But this doesn’t mean it won’t enhance your time here on earth. After all, honey has long been regarded for its healing properties. 

Healing Honey

Traditionally, honey was used topically to treat wounds, stings and cuts and, while we may no longer use it for this purpose, honey still has plenty of healing properties. Natural honey is packed full of antioxidants, for example, which help to prevent cell damage and can reduce your risk of developing a number of common illnesses. 

What’s more – studies have shown that a moderate amount of honey each day can lower your blood pressure and enhance your heart health. As an anti-inflammatory, honey can also minimise inflammation in the body and even help reduce the symptoms of autoimmune conditions. 

Some researchers have even noted that honey can have an antidepressant effect – and it certainly always puts a smile on our faces!

With so many beneficial properties, it’s easy to see why honey – or ambrosia – was associated with longevity and immortalities and deemed a ‘food of the Gods’. 

According to the myths, this delicious treat was delivered by doves, straight to the gods on Mount Olympus but you won’t have to wait for a mysterious offering from the skies to devour your next dose of ambrosia. Our fair trade chocolate delivery makes it easy to ensure you always have a stash of this deliciously sweet treat to hand. 

Curative Cocoa 

The Theobroma cocoa tree may not be instantly recognisable to most of us, but there’s no doubt you’re familiar with its seeds. This magical tree may only be grown in a few countries but the whole world enjoys the cocoa beans it bountifully produces. 

Revered for centuries and once used as currency (let’s be honest, healthy dark chocolate is worth its weight in gold), cocoa has been a much-loved commodity for longer than any of us can remember. First consumed as a bitter, rich drink, it took until the 19th century for the modern era of chocolate to come about.

However, its medicinal properties were widely known long before the first chocolate bar came into existence. While the health benefits of chocolate may once have been considered myths or traditions, the evolution of science has allowed to us to understand how cocoa enhances our well-being. 

Cocoa is rich in polyphenols, for example. These antioxidants are anti-inflammatory and help to improve blood flow, which optimises circulation and helps to prevent heart problems. Additionally, the impact cocoa has on nitric oxide levels in the blood can reduce blood pressure and improve blood vessel function. 

And, if having a supply of bean to bar chocolate nearby helps you to breathe easier, there may be a scientific reason for that. Both theophylline and theobromine are anti-asthmatic compounds that can reduce coughing, relax your airways and help your lungs to dilate. 

With compounds that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-enzymatic and immune-stimulating properties, cocoa can have a surprising impact on your health, which is one of the reasons its popularity has endured throughout the centuries. 

Food from the Gods

Both ambrosia and cocoa beans have been considered foods of the gods throughout history and, frankly, we’re not surprised. While the taste of these spectacular morsels would be enough to designate them god-like status, the health benefits associated with them simply enhances their delectability (and gives you a great excuse to treat yourself). 

Never ones to do things by half, we decided to create the ultimate food of the gods by combining honey with our exquisite fair trade chocolate to bring you a product like no other. If you want to experience an unequivocal taste sensation (and reap the benefits of these two spectacular natural beauties), then Eat It Like Greek Gods and try our Ambrosia bean to bar chocolate.

Where Can You Buy Fair Trade Chocolate?

Right here, of course! All of our chapters are fair trade, so you can enjoy our delicious chocolate safe in the knowledge that you’re supporting farmers, workers and communities who produce our beloved ingredients. We even have our own range of vegan fair trade chocolate, so it’s easier than ever to enjoy delectable plant-based treats. 

When it comes to healthy chocolate brands, we certainly know our stuff (really, we do). Determined to have a positive impact on the world, Eat It Like chapters are low in sugar, contain no additives and don’t feature any unrefined ingredients. 

In fact, our bean to bar chocolate contains just four ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, pure cocoa powder and grass-fed milk powder, with a little honey added to our Ambrosia chapter. With no nasty additives or unnecessary ingredients, you can be sure that you’re enjoying the food of the gods exactly as nature intended. 

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