Choconauts and Marshmallow Rockets: How Astronauts and Marshmallows Inspired Our Chocolate Creations!

Welcome to a celestial adventure where chocolate meets the cosmos! We draw inspiration from the brave explorers of outer space - the choconauts. Inspired by the wonder of space exploration, we have crafted a collection of organic chocolate gifts that are truly out of this world.

Join us on an interstellar journey as we share how the ingenuity of astronauts and marshmallows have sparked our imagination and resulted in delectable chocolate creations. Get ready to embark on a sweet escapade that transcends the bounds of Earth and indulges your taste buds in an otherworldly delight!

We Have Lift Off!

There’s nothing more inspiring than the vast expanse of space, which is why the intrepid adventures of today’s astronauts sparked our drive to create unique chocolate box gifts that give you a taste of space right here on Earth.

So, what do marshmallows have to do with space travel? Well, you might be surprised.

It’s easy to assume that rocket scientists and engineers push the boundaries to create innovative technology that enables astronauts to withstand the unique environment of outer space. And they do…mostly.

But sometimes, all you need is a humble marshmallow and that’s exactly what astronauts have used to relieve the nasal pressure that occurs during lift off. By gently pushing marshmallows into their nostrils, astronauts can breathe easily while avoiding nasal damage caused by decompression in the cabin during lift off.

Now, the next time you’re on the edge of your seat watching a rocket getting ready to launch, you’ll know exactly what these brave explorers are doing to prepare for the journey!

Bringing Marshmallows Back Down to Earth

In our quest to live like astronauts and sample the delights of space, we considered trying the same marshmallow-in-the-nose trick, but it definitely attracted a few funny looks. Instead, we decided to combine the fluffy treat with our exquisite 65% dark chocolate to create out-of-this-world chocolate hamper gifts.

If you want to sample the delights of space (without sticking anything up your nose), why not try our chocolate gifts by post and order our Astronauts chapter now?

Marshmallows: A Modern Brainwave?

If astronauts are using marshmallows to assist with space travel, one might assume that these delightful confectionary treats are a modern brainwave, right? Not so. In fact, marshmallow has been around for centuries, in one form or another.

Dating right back as far as 2000 BC, the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks used sap from the mallow plant, Althaea officinalis, for medicinal purposes. By boiling the pulp of the root and thickening it with honey, they would create a mixture that was used to heal sore throats and coughs or applied to wounds to speed up the healing process.

From ancient medicine to space travel, marshmallows have become part of our history and our future – but what happened in between and how did the humble marshmallow come to be one of our favourite types of confectionery and a staple in any chocolate hamper?

Marshmallow Through the Ages

By the early 1800s, marshmallows were recognised for potential as popular confectionery, as well as their medicinal properties. In France, a soft, spongy dessert called Pâte de Guimauve was created from whipped, dried marshmallow roots combined with water, sugar and egg whites. While the sweet treat was undoubtedly popular, its time-consuming production process meant that it was still some time before marshmallows became available for mass consumption.

Fast forward to the early 1900s, however, and new manufacturing methods saw marshmallows being produced in larger volumes and in a wider variety of flavours. Before long, they were being sold all over the world.

Chocolate and Marshmallow: A Match Made in Heaven?

While marshmallow soon became popular in its own right, it wasn’t long until people began experimenting with different combinations and the inimitable blend of chocolate and marshmallow soon shot to the top of the list in the popularity stakes.

Early in the 20th century, the delectable invention of s’mores put marshmallows firmly on everybody’s radar. The simple combination of marshmallow and chocolate placed between two biscuits or crackers and toasted over an open fire quickly became a firm favourite – and it still is today.

Of course, this is the only way enjoy the unique mouth-feel of marshmallows and the exquisite flavour of decadent chocolate, as we’ve shown with our space-inspired Astronauts chapter! Featuring vegan mini marshmallows and our unique blend of 65% dark chocolate, our bean-to-bar Astronauts chapter is the perfect blend of sweetness and richness.

Whether you’re searching for chocolate hamper gifts, need the perfect accompaniment to truffle boxes, or you simple want to treat yourself to something out of this world, our Astronauts chapter is the ultimate choice.

Egg-Free, Vegan Marshmallows

Over the years, the common ingredients used to produce marshmallows have evolved. Generally, only four ingredients are required to make marshmallows: water, sugar, air and an aerator or whipping agent. Often, protein in the form of egg whites or gelatine is used as a whipping agent but our commitment to producing vegan and organic chocolate gifts inspired us to think outside the box and create a bean-to-bar marshmallow chocolate that is both vegan and egg-free.

After careful development (and lots of taste testing), we settled on delicious marshmallows that are gelatine free, gluten free, egg and dairy free, soy and nut free and GMO free, so you can enjoy a blend of chocolate and marshmallow that doesn’t contain any nasties.

A Taste of the Past and the Future

Any food that’s been around for centuries and is still beloved must have something special about it. After all, if it’s good enough for astronauts, it must be good enough for us mere mortals! If you’re still awaiting your call up to the space station, why not prepare for take off with a sliver (or slab) of our Astronauts chapter?

*While we offer same-day dispatch and worldwide delivery, we don’t yet deliver to beyond Earth’s atmosphere. But stay tuned, you never know what’s coming next!