25 Surprising Ways to Use Chocolate That You Might Not Have Thought Of

Did you know that chocolate isn't just a tasty treat, but it can also be used in a variety of unexpected ways? From healthy chocolate snacks to beauty treatments, the versatility of this beloved ingredient is truly impressive. Here are 25 surprising ways to use chocolate that you might not have thought of.

1. Get a Youthful Complexion

Chocolate-based skincare products might sound like a fad but the minerals in cocoa beans really can make your skin feel smoother and plumper. So, next time you’re caught with chocolate around your mouth, simply tell everyone you’re practising good skincare.

2. Currency

When you’re running low on cash or you lose your credit card, try trading chocolate instead. After all, it worked for the Aztecs!

3. Body Paint

Give a whole new meaning to the ‘art of chocolate’ and use your favourite bar to adorn your body in any way you choose.

4. Make a Marinade

If you’re a carnivore who’s looking for more ways to incorporate chocolate into their diet (who isn’t?), try making a meat marinade with dark chocolate from your chocolatier UK, brown sugar and hint of cayenne pepper.

5. Boost Your Brain Power

When you want to feel more awake, grab yourself a treat from the nearest chocolate studio and enjoy the brain-boosting power of cocoa.

6. Burn Rubber

Follow in the footsteps of researchers who made a Formula 3 car that could run on chocolate! (Disclaimer: We do not recommend adding chocolate to your petrol tank. Trust us on this one).

7. Start Sculpting

If you want to unleash your creativity, what better medium than chocolate sculpting?

8. Be Uplifted

Known for its mood-boosting effects, chocolate can be a great way to be uplifted and feel happier.

9. Wrapped Bacon

The saltiness of bacon and the sweetness of chocolate…a match made in heaven? Try dipping a cooked rasher into melted chocolate, let it set and see if you’re a fan of the combo.

10. Fight Tooth Decay

We don’t suggest switching your toothpaste for chocolate, but studies have shown that cocoa extracts can be even more effective than fluoride when it comes to fighting tooth decay.

11. Give the Perfect Gift

Everyone loves receiving their favourite chocolate as a gift but, in many cultures, chocolate also signifies respect and love, which makes a bespoke selection from a chocolatier London the perfect present.

12. Wear It as Perfume

No matter what your favourite aroma is, chocolate beats it! You might not find it in chocolatiers UK but look for fragrances that have chocolate undertones if you want to make cocoa your signature scent.

13. Send a Letter

As if chocolate didn’t have enough uses, Belgium launched a limited-edition postage stamp made from chocolate in 2013, so you can actually use chocolate to mail letters and parcels!

14. DIY Lip Balm

If you want to keep your lips soft and supple, make your own chocolate lip balm with just four ingredients: coconut oil, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and beeswax.

15. Feed Flower Beds

Cocoa shells are a great natural fertiliser, so add them to flower beds if you want your plants to bloom. They’ll increase the amount of nitrogen in the soil, reduce water loss and suppress weed growth, so your garden will look better than ever.

16. Become a Fashion Designer

For up-and-coming fashionistas, chocolate is the only ‘fabric’ to work with. In fact, one artisan chocolatier is bringing designers and chocolate-lovers together to create sweet, stylish outfits.

17. Break a Record

From the ‘largest chocolate sculpture’ to the ‘most strawberries dipped in strawberries in one minute’, there are endless world records featuring chocolate. Remember – practice makes perfect so stock up at independent chocolatiers UK and prepare to be a record-breaker!

18. Hair Conditioner

For a natural shine and lustrous hair, mix two parts coconut cream to one part cocoa powder and use instead of regular conditioner.

19. Get Your 5 a Day

If you’re determined to get your five a day, try sprinkling cocoa powder on kale chips to make them more exciting. Being vegetarian has never seemed more appetising!

20. BBQ Sauce

It turns out there are millions of ways to enjoy your favourite snack, so don’t hesitate to add a square or two of dark chocolate to your homemade barbecue sauce and enjoy the rich, sweet flavour.

21. Cheese Swirls

Another spectacular mix of sweet and savoury – cheese and chocolate is a combination no-one can resist and adding melted chocolate to your favourite soft cheese couldn’t be easier.

22. Reduce Your Cholesterol

Studies have shown that cocoa can reduce LDL cholesterol (that’s the ‘bad’ kind) and improve blood flow, so a moderate amount of chocolate could have a positive effect on your heart health.

23. Exfoliate Your Skin

Mix coconut oil, sugar and chocolate to create your very own exfoliating scrub. Use regularly to keep your skin in tip-top condition.

24. Make Cocktails (or Mocktails)

For a chocolatey twist on your favourite drink, add creme de cacao to cocktails. For the ultimate chocolate martini, add 1tsp white creme de cacao and 1/2 tsp white creme de menthe to 3 tbsp vodka, shake, and pour over ice.

25. Celebrate

Whatever the occasion, chocolate is the perfect addition! From chocolate fountains to chocolate cakes and everything in between, a sweet treat from an urban chocolatier will elevate your event.

Choosing the Perfect Chocolate

While there are endless ways to use chocolate, our favourite way to enjoy it is simply to eat it! Whether it’s dark chocolate with roasted coffee beans, vegan marshmallows, or milk chocolate with sweet ambrosia, our Chapters provide you with the ultimate way to make the most of this epicurean delight.

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