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Eat It Like

All Chapters


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Can't decide? Try one of each!

Gladiators - Popped Barley

Geniuses - Coffee

Healers - Medicinal Mushrooms

Greek Gods - Ambrosia

Astronauts - Vegan Marshmallows

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This set of chocolate bars invites you to try all Eat It Like chapters and experience the stories behind each one. Discover what it’s like to enjoy chocolate in different ways, inspired by Gladiators, Geniuses and Healers to Greek Gods and Astronauts floating effortlessly in space. Give each chapter a try and pick your favourite. You can get the All Chapters set as a chocolate gift box for yourself or share it with your loved ones.

Includes all five chapters

Weight: 175g

All Chapters is your perfect introduction to Eat It Like chocolate Bar experiences. Take part in the adventure of getting to know each chocolate bar and diving from one chapter into another. All Chapters give you a complete picture of Eat It Like’s offerings. Count on us to make sure every chapter stands out.

The Greek Gods chapter features both milk chocolate and Ambrosia honey for a taste of indulgence. The Astronauts chapter treats your tastebuds like you're on another planet–without ever leaving Earth–with its blend of vegan marshmallows and dark chocolate. The Geniuses chapter is a favourite among coffee lovers because it provides the perfect blend of roasted coffee beans and dark chocolate. Take a trip to the healing world with the unique combination of medicinal mushrooms and dark chocolate offered by the Healers chapter. Finally, start your day off feeling like a fighter with the Gladiators chapter and its delicious barley and dark chocolate combo.


What kinds of chocolates do you offer?

Experience the joy of chocolate with our latest selection. We offer milk, dark milk and dark chocolates.

42% milk chocolate: A decadent chocolate bar that delivers a rich milk chocolate taste

60% dark-milk chocolate: A creamy milk chocolate with cocoa solids

65% dark chocolate: Dark chocolate featuring a sweet and deliciously intense taste

70% dark chocolate: Semi-sweet chocolate providing a solid chocolate taste

How are Eat It Like chocolates made?

While we can't disclose our best-kept manufacturing secrets, you can be confident that our chocolates are made with health in mind. We make our chocolates from high-quality, organic ingredients, with each bar containing only 4-6 ingredients. Traces of milk, wheat, tree nuts and peanuts may be present. The chocolate bars we offer have a low sugar content and are additive-free.

Are your chocolates vegan?

Eat It Like offers vegan-friendly chocolate bars for people with allergies and intolerances. Our Geniuses, Healers and Astronauts chapters are 100% vegan.

How do I store and enjoy Eat It Like chocolates?

All chapters are best stored in a dry and cool environment. In addition, they are best served at room temperature. Direct sunlight should be avoided during storage for the finest quality of chocolates.

Which delivery options do you offer?

Eat It Like is a UK-based chocolatier providing premium chocolate to customers worldwide.

If you live in the UK, you're entitled to free delivery on orders over £39. All orders placed before 3 pm will be dispatched the same day.

175 g