20 Chocolate Gift Ideas

20 Chocolate Gift Ideas

It's never a bad time to prepare gifts! Whether for Birthdays or any other occasion. We often forget that chocolate can be a great gift option, think about it, who doesn't like chocolate? If you do, then the health benefits and the taste of Eat It Like's will blow your socks off. So here is a list of 20 variations of chocolate-inspired gifts (or just grab a bar from our bean to bar chocolate chapters).

1. Straight-up chocolate

You just can’t beat straight up, nothing but pure old fashioned chocolate. Wondering what to get the vegan friend thats sure to brighten their day, try our fair trade chocolate bars that are 100% vegan chocolate! There’s a reason people have been gifting chocolate for all occasions for as long as we can remember, it's simple, easy and delicious.

2. Chocolate brownies

Thick, rich and filling, brownies are in the top tier when it comes to chocolate treats. Nobody would turn their nose up at some delicious brownies, and they even have the option of being plant based or gluten free if you're adventurous, so they are an excellent gift for any chocolate lover. A great addition to any chocolate hamper.

3. Chocolate cake

Effectively the other cousin of brownies, chocolate cake is a staple of both gift giving and desserts. There are so many variations too, making it an even more versatile gift. If you're not much of a baker, mix the dry ingredients in a classy glass bottle, add a simple note to add wet ingredients and fair trade chocolate before home baking. Voila! You’ve got yourself a quick DIY bottled cake mix to add to a chocolate gift box.

4. Hot chocolate

Indulgence personified through warm luscious hot chocolate. Made even more healing and comforting with healthy dark chocolate melted in your favourite choice of milk. Keep it simple, or warm with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Add a bar of chocolate to your Secret Santa gift with a note reminding the recipient to keep warm and enjoy. 

5. Boozy hot chocolate

Adults only on this one, but the heat of hot chocolate and the warmth of alcohol go surprisingly well together. A gift sure to be appreciated and a night of fun all wrapped up in one chocolatey gift! Nip a mini bottle of your favourite booze in with a bar of chocolate and instructions into a box for the perfect chocolate gift.

6. Bean to Bar Chocolate hampers

Just can’t decide which route to go down for your gift? Why not a wide selection? A bean to bar chocolate hamper ticks all the boxes as a unique gift. The recipient gets all the health benefits of healthy chocolate while experiencing unique chocolate flavours.

7. Chocolate dipped strawberries

Looking for something a bit more romantic, or spice it up as part of your own self care routine? Because why not? It may seem cliche but a chocolate fountain to smother a selection of fruit sounds like a grand idea. Slip a bar of chocolate or three into a neat heat proof bowl and a handful of strawberries for an epic gift. 

 8. Chocolate Cookies

Nothing says homemade like cookies, they’re simple yet effective. Homemade gifts always have some extra love and care put into them and have so much variety, it’s hard to go wrong with cookies! Added brownie points to the vegan in the group - make them from vegan marshmallows and gluten free!

9. Fair Trade Chocolate Bark Recipe

This is another DIY recipe kit idea, inspired by the American tradition - chocolate bark. Add your favourite dried fruit and nuts to a recycled glass jar and tie on an Eat It Like chocolate bar or two. Write the most simple instructions - melt the chocolate, add the mix, let it cool. Break into bark and much. Pair pistachio with our Astronaut vegan marshmallow option, or dried cranberries with our Healers mushroom chocolate

10. Unique chocolate

Spicy chocolate, strange flavours and more, there’s all kinds of strange, unique and wonderful chocolate in the world. Perfect for a gag gift or for finally finding out how medicinal mushroom flavoured chocolate tastes (yes it’s a thing). You may even convert a purist to the fun side?

11. Chocolate sculptures:

Sculptures and figures are fun and inventive chocolate gifts, you could even get a themed sculpture! Great for a special feel and a visually impressive gift.

12. Branded chocolate

Introduce the group to the next big chocolate brand! It doesnt always have to be the overprocessed brand that is in everyone’s home. Try one of the fair trade chocolate brands like Eat It Like to wow and leave a memorable experience. Tag us if you do! 

13. Chocolate pudding

Pudding is the perfect way to end a day of celebration, which is also why it’s an amazing gift, because it can be fully enjoyed by everyone you spend the day with. It's the start of a healthy chocolate obsession, perhaps.

14. Festive Chocolate

There are some chocolates that just feel like they belong in a stocking or on a platter after Christmas dinner. Stack a pile of chocolate pieces randomly on a rustic wooden board with dried cranberries, hazelnuts, and whatever other festive sweet ingredients you have for a marvelous party pièce de résistance. So place the pieces and instructions for your secret Santa donee and let them be the hostess with the mostess. 

15.Chocolate Truffle Boxes

If you’re feeling particularly fancy make your own chocolate truffles (or provide the ingredients and instructions). Start by melting chocolate (try our sweet Greek Gods honey flavoured chocolate, or our Geniuses coffee flavoured chocolate) with double cream or coconut cream in a ratio of 2 parts chocolate to 1 part cream. Chillout a little, relax. Then once the chocolat mixture is cooled roll into balls, coat in whatever you prefer. Try cocoa, cocoa nibs, barley, sprinkles, chopped nuts. Endless possibilities. 

16. Chocolate gingerbread

Gingerbread men? Gingerbread house? Why not both? Go all out and impress with your chocolate gingerbread gift in whatever form fits best!

17. Chocolate macarons

The bite sized, delectable and visually tempting macaron is a perfect gift, add in some chocolate and you’re sure to please any potential recipient. Ok, you do not have to be a master chef for this one. Grab a box of macarons from the nearest superstar bakery and share the joy of fine French patisserie. 

18. Chocolate ice cream

Fantastically, we can choose between traditional full cream gelato, or an equally delicious vegan ice cream. Chocolate also makes everything better. So a perfect chocolate gift. Simple. Stress free.

19. Chocolate hearts

For a simple yet delicious way to say ‘I love you’ look no further. Chocolate hearts are a tried and true gift, simple yet effective and always scrumptious. Keep the suspicion alive without revealing who the gift comes from to keep some secrecy.

20. Chocolate coins

Last but not least chocolate coins, what more needs to be said about them? A childhood staple sure to bring some nostalgia and disappear far too quickly. Keep them hidden away in your secret snack drawer to share them with the family for the final treat before bedtime. 

So there you have it: twenty chocolate gifts we at Eat it like think would be perfect this Christmas, and we wouldn’t mind receiving ourselves! Hint hint, mum. Anything catch your eye? Be sure to check our site for all our chocolate tastes.